New Online Video Series Celebrates Corporate Social Responsibility.


Bayside Entertainment is launching a new online video series that celebrates American companies who make giving back an integral part of their corporate culture. The first video in the series will be shared this Friday, July 17.

American Companies Give Back celebrates the myriad ways in which companies are supporting their communities and employees, especially in these difficult times. Each online video is designed to shine a light on the benefits of corporate giving. The segments will cover a wide range of companies and philanthropic initiatives. Whatever their scale, these companies and their non-profit partners deserve a moment in the spotlight.

Emmy award-winning TV personality Ken Bastida acts as host and interviewer, taking us behind-the-scenes of each corporate philanthropic effort. He moves beyond press release bullet points to reveal the heart and soul of each story.

Emmy-winning TV personality Ken Bastida hosts the show.

A Virtually-Produced Project

American Companies Give Back is virtually produced, incorporating original Zoom interviews & existing b-roll footage provided by the featured companies.

Executive Producer Joanie Burton Wynn commented:

During the pandemic shutdown, it was important that we find a way to produce this series virtually. Working out the kinks in the production workflow was one of our challenges and certainly a new way of working for us. Thankfully, tools like Zoom have become a commonplace way for people to connect remotely. And by recording the interviews, we had the flexibility of being able to edit the final segments to incorporate video assets and graphics to support a good pacing for the segments.

Giving Back Through Storytelling

For American Companies Give Back, all members of the production team are working pro bono, with Bayside Entertainment donating post-production services for the series.

Bayside Entertainment has a long history of producing video content to support non-profits, including a several year stint as the production company of record for Boy Scouts of America’s National Office of Philanthropy, the fundraising arm of the organization. During that time, they produced numerous video projects to support myriad philanthropic initiatives.

Bayside Entertainment’s husband and wife production team, Steve and Joanie Wynn have also made producing pro bono work a priority, including projects for various community organizations and their Emmy award-winning passion project, “Journeys for Good“.

Head of Production Steve Wynn explained:

“As storytellers, this is our way of giving back and we are thrilled to share these uplifting stories at a time when they are sorely needed. Our goal is to promote and encourage the spirit of giving back, to show that doing good is good business.”

The first few segments in the series include the following companies: TCC, a large Verizon retailer, Credo, a clean beauty company, Wag!, an on-demand dog walking service, DripDrop, a leading rehydration therapy company and, micro-lending organization, Kiva. Each company has illustrated a dedication to giving back and woven their philanthropic efforts into the fabric of their companies.

The five-minute online video segments will be shared via Bayside Entertainment’s YouTube and Facebook channels and the featured companies’ own web and social sites. “American Companies Give Back” will also be shared on Ignyte TV, a new Roku streaming channel dedicated to sustainability and philanthropy.

This series is an offshoot of Bayside Entertainment’s Emmy award-winning program, “Journeys for Good” which features stories of international volunteer efforts. As Covid-19 sidelined travel, the producers pivoted to feature US-based stories of companies that contribute to the greater good, at this time and always.

Bayside Entertainment plans to celebrate “Feel Good Fridays” by sharing a new segment of American Companies Give Back each week. They hope the stories will be an inspiring and uplifting way to end each week, especially at this time when so much in the media is discouraging.

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