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Tips for Maximizing Your Event Videos.


Seems like every week or so this summer there is some major industry mixer or event to attend, not to mention all of the annual trade shows.  It got me thinking about our role as a production company in producing event videos — both before, during and after the event itself.  Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years.

1. If your marketing video is going to play on a noisy trade show exhibit floor, go for eye candy: compelling visuals, eye-catching motion graphics and a great soundtrack.  Soundbites, testimonials or extensive narration will most likely be lost in the crowd.  Here’s an example of a trade show video we produced for Enphase Energy.

2.  If you have a captive audience at an industry event or company meeting, this is the time that you can include soundbites and narration, but keep it short.  People want to network and mix at events, so a long video will most likely be tuned out, or people will use the opportunity to duck out and go to the bar.  2 – 3 minutes is an optimum length.

3. Video as a give-away is also a great idea.  Everybody uses those thumb drives and, in addition to branding them with your company name and logo, you can pre-load the drive with your quick sales pitch video.  Always add a call to action at the end for people to connect with you on your website or Facebook page.

4. If its your company’s event (as opposed to an industry trade show), you can gather video from attendees.  You can incorporate a roving camera crew to grab soundbites on the fly, asking them about your product or service, or get their opinions about your industry overall.   Even better, you can invite people to participate at a location set up for the video interviews.  To entice participants, they can be entered for a great raffle prize or get cool swag.  (How about a thumb drive?)  The latter scenario gives you more production quality control with lighting and audio.

5. At a company meeting, celebrate your company and make it fun.  For zynga, we spoofed the company culture with inside jokes and the video stole the show.

5. Don’t forget to get video coverage of the fun stuff at your event too.  This footage is great fodder for your website and Facebook page and will come in handy when its time to promote your next event.

6. Content gathered from the event can be shared with your audience after the fact, for many follow up sales and marketing opportunities.  Check out this great article on the subject from Digital Accomplice:

Trade shows, company meetings and industry events are a great way to mix, mingle and get to know your customers, clients and employees.  Video can help you reach your target audience and, if done well, leave a lasting impression that will bring them back next time.  (Well, that and excellent Margheritas!)