For this E3 trade show video, the marketing team at Sony needed a game trailer to introduce their new title, “Eye Pet”.  Sony relied on our complete package of creative video production services to handle the video production process from creative concepts through post production.

Our creative production team pitched the idea of a classroom full of first graders on “Show and Tell” day.  Star student Casey shares his new “pet” with his classmates and before long, the whole group is entranced and enthralled.

Prior to shooting, we interfaced with Sony’s internal marketing team to determine which specific game assets were to be featured within the spot.  We had cued up on set and  captured gameplay live during shooting so our live action footage would match into the screen shots.

It’s not easy working with a gaggle of gigglers, our child actors ranging in age from 5 to 7.   With a one day shoot and limited time on set with our minors, we also had time constraints.  Director and DP Steve Wynn and Executive Producer Joanie Wynn managed to keep the set relaxed and happy as he moved through the production schedule and completed shooting on time.

In addition to introducing the game at E3, the annual gamers conference, the marketing video was also used on the game’s website and in social media. The game is fun, the kids are cute and the client gave Bayside Entertainment an “A”.

Bayside is a great partner to work with.  I’m a big fan and I recommend Bayside highly.  

Don Mesa, Sony Computer Entertainment


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