This micro-documentary style video for non-profit organization Boy Scouts of America profiles disabled Scouts and the efforts of the organization to create an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance.

During the pre-production process, we worked with the BSA National Office of Philanthropy, the fundraising arm of the Boy Scouts, to identify compelling video stories to feature in a micro-documentary video which would best illustrate their commitment to disability awareness.  We conducted pre-interviews by phone to determine the strongest candidates and ensured that we would be able to show a range of physical, emotional and developmental disabilities.  Each story needed to be compelling so that we could draw the viewer in emotionally.

Our production team traveled across the US to capture inspiring stories of Scouts who strive to overcome adversity.  Shooting in a documentary style, we conducted video interviews with parents, teachers, Scoutmasters and Scouts to reveal stories which featured Scouts with autism, Down’s Syndrome, blindness and cerebral palsy.

We were deeply touched and inspired by the families and brave young men depicted in this fundraising video and were proud to have had the opportunity to produce such a meaningful video. This micro-documentary video will support fundraising efforts for the non-profit organization to continue disability education, outreach and inclusion efforts.

As a Seattle video production company, we are blessed to work with worthy non-profit organizations like Boy Scouts of America.

I have worked with Bayside Entertainment on many projects over the years and they always hit the mark and achieve the goals we set forth. I highly them for all of your video storytelling needs. You will be in great hands through the entire process!

Michaela Monson, Digital Marketing Specialist, Boy Scouts of America


Boy Scouts of America