Pico Interactive commissioned Bayside Entertainment to create a visually engaging trade show trailer for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in early January.  They also needed video content to support their business to business sales and marketing  efforts.  The challenge? A tight timeline predicated on the availability of the latest VR device prototypes.

While we waited for the device, we focused our attentions on a detailed pre-production process; identifying the specific client needs beyond the trade show and the key shooting scenarios we would need to capture to best highlight the innovative VR device’s business applications.  We knew we needed to capture the footage prior to the Thanksgiving holiday in order to complete the post production process in time for the approval process, including home office approval in Beijing, prior to Christmas. Though it was a condensed production window, the pre-production process paid off with pre-approvals given for scripting, music, background images, talent and voice talent — all before shooting.

The most cost-effective shooting solution was to create a green screen stage and shoot our actors with various costumes & props to connote different industrial applications. In addition to the live action footage, we also captured tabletop beauty shots of the device to add into the equation.

Then, in post, we composited the footage with various background images to create a wide range of visuals to highlight each area of focus.  We added a graphic interface to give the sense of the 3-D VR experience and added text to accentuate key marketing messages.

The client was thrilled with the final result exclaiming, “You guys hit it out of the park!!”