Sony Computer Entertainment needed a video game trailer for its PSP game, “Invizimals”.  The game trailer would be used as a trade show video for E3, and also be used as a marketing video for the web and social media.

“Invizimals” lets kids use their PSP devices to “hunt for monsters in the real world.”  Working in conjunction with the Sony marketing team, we provided our full suite of video production services to bring the project to life including video scripting, pre-production services, location scouting, talent casting, field production, post production video editing, motion graphic design, narration recording and audio mixing.

We cast two twelve year-old boys, the target age for the game, and began developing the shooting script, using Sony’s key marketing messages as a guideline.

For this one-day commercial shoot, Bayside Entertainment Creative Director Steve Wynn brought in our full-service production team including set decorators, lighting directors, grips, craft services and production assistants.  An efficient shooting schedule is a necessity when working with child actors who, by law, have limitations on the amount of time they can work.  Our studio teacher was on site ensuring that the kids took appropriate breaks and we organized our shooting day accordingly.

During the video editing process, we added in music, narration and on screen motion graphics to punctuate the key marketing video messages.  Though this project was initially conceived solely as a video game trailer for E3, Sony liked it so much that they asked us to edit it down for use as  :30 and :15 TV commercial spots.

Another home run from the Bayside Entertainment video production team.


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E3 Trade Show Video

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