A Corporate or Web Video Can Help Business Grow

So, you are planning your marketing budget for the year and trying to determine some of the marketing avenues you haven’t yet tried.  Perhaps, you are in charge of the marketing for your company, non–profit, or small business and you just aren’t sure about what direction to take your marketing plans. Have you ever considered the advantages of high-quality video production?

There are so many advantages to utilizing videos to help grow your business. Let’s consider the possibilities of creating a corporate or web video through video production, including:

  • Using a corporate or web video shows your company or organization is innovative, progressive, and in an upward growth pattern.
  • A well-crafted video message can be used to promote your products and/or services via your corporate website, social media platforms, trade show booths, video hosting sites, flashdrives, and at corporate recruiting events to attract the highest-quality talent.
  • When a well-tailored message is utilized, a corporate or web video can be used throughout many different venues and platforms, allowing industry leaders to maximize marketing budgets.
  • Recent research suggests video can assist in your search engine rankings when web video is applied to your online marketing efforts. Higher search engine rankings help potential customers find you!
  • Fresh, appealing content, such as web video, will help raise your search engine rankings when done properly and according to guidelines.
  • Video appeals to all audiences since it is engaging and more interesting than simple, printed marketing pieces.
  • Web video can help promote your public relations efforts more effectively than a standard press release.
  • Customer testimonial videos help share in your customers’ testimonials regarding your business or organization. This can assist in your marketing efforts through social acceptance or proof of others who have used your product or service. Customers often want to hear what others think about your organization and its prior service history before purchasing.
  • A well-crafted video will spread the word about your business or organization, creating a favorable impression and reaching potential new clients and customers.

Many smaller businesses and companies with small budgets feel that high-quality video production is simply out of their reach. That’s just not true. When choosing web video production companies, it’s important to discuss your options, budget, and goals up-front. You want to establish how your corporate or web video will be used once it is produced.

If you are ready to take the next step in taking your marketing efforts to the next level, contact Bayside Entertainment, one of the top-rated web video production companies in San Francisco. No matter the size of your company or its budget, Bayside Entertainment can create a compelling message that will allow you to ‘bring it all home’ through high-quality video production. Click here or call 415-388-8900 to contact Bayside Entertainment today.

Posted on September 17, 2012 by ChristinaEast