Bayside Entertainment Produces Product Launch Videos for Sony Mobile

Seattle-based video production company Bayside Entertainment recently worked with Sony Mobile Communications to produce a series of launch videos for Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo. The videos were used as part of the social media marketing campaign and directly led to a 140% increase in sales.

Bayside Entertainment’s co-founders Steve and Joanie Wynn developed the creative concept with Don Mesa, Sony Mobile’s VP of Marketing, North America and Jon Regala, Head of Sales/Business Development- Smart Products and Accessories. The series of three short web videos took a “day in the life” approach with Regala explaining key features and innovations from the standpoint of a user of the device himself. 

Filmed in and around the Tacoma area, the videos feature Xperia Ear Duo at home, at the office, and out and about. The device’s innovative features allow for cutting edge “smart” wireless technology which incorporates ambient sound to integrate the user into the surrounding environment.

Thrilled with the result, Jon Regala commented on Bayside Entertainment’s turnkey production expertise,

“A key attribute that Joanie and Steve provide that I rarely see from production teams is the willingness and intent to truly dive deep into understanding what the client is trying to achieve – not just the message but how to bring it to life. Xperia Ear Duo is a leading- edge piece of tech and thanks to their keen focus on understanding the product benefits we were able to release videos that eclipsed all metric expectations.”

The team at Bayside Entertainment has worked on many marketing video projects with Sony over the years, producing everything from trade show videos for E3 to marketing and product launch videos. Executive Producer Joanie Wynn remarked,

“We always love working with Sony and this one was especially fun since  we were able to shoot the pieces right in our own backyard.”

While relatively new to the Seattle area, Bayside Entertainment has also produced video content for international software developer Luxoft and Ocean5, a new entertainment complex in Gig Harbor.

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