Sony Mobile needed a series of marketing videos to help drive consumer interest in Xperia Ear Duo from Sony.  In a series of 3 short marketing videos, product expert Jon Regala acted as spokesperson, explaining key features and innovations from the standpoint of a user of the device himself.  The videos were used as part of the social media marketing campaign and directly led to a 140% increase in sales.

“Joanie and Steve were the consummate professionals and clearly have the experience in filming and producing at the highest levels. They were amazing at pulling together shots in short timelines and producing them with a flair that aligns well with our target audience. A key attribute that Joanie and Steve provide that I rarely see from production teams is the willingness and intent to truly dive deep into understanding what the client is trying to achieve – not just the message but how to bring it to life. Xperia Ear Duo is a leading- edge piece of tech and thanks to their keen focus on understanding the product benefit we were able to release videos that eclipsed all metric expectations. In fact, the efforts from Bayside Entertainment helped me to achieve more impressions than any previous videos and helped drive an immediate lift in sales of 140%. If you need a team of experts, with passion, and real commitment to the client/product – look no further than Joanie and Steve at Bayside Entertainment”  

Jon Regala, Head of Sales/Business Development- Smart Products and Accessories, Sony Mobile Communications


Xperia Ear Duo