TCC Gives Is Committed To Corporate Social Responsibility


In the first episode of our new video series “AMERICAN COMPANIES GIVE BACK”, we highlight a stand-out husband and wife team, Scott and Julie Moorehead. The pair embraces a “Culture of Good” as an integral part of their successful business. Their commitment to giving back serves their communities, their employees, and their customers.

Scott and Julie Moorehead featured on new video series
“American Companies Give Back” with host Ken Bastida

TCC is a nationwide Verizon retailer with 823 US stores and over 3000 employees.

TCC Gives is the philanthropic counterpart to this highly successful cellular business.

Julie Moorehead heads up TCC Gives as the Executive Director. Rather than a “top down” approach which identifies one charitable cause for the organization, the community grants reflect the passions of the employees themselves. Worthy organizations within their own communities receive funding. More than 2 million dollars in grant money has been awarded since 2016, with over $600,000 given in 2019 alone. As Julie explained:

We absolutely love seeing so much good happening in the communities where TCC does business across the country. The Community Grants program has given TCC employees an easy way to impact the projects in their community they are passionate about! We have seen new relationships form and have watched some relationships become even more deep and impactful. The power we have when we work together is inspiring, and we know it’s going to gain even more momentum in 2020.”


TCC Gives Program Benefits Domestic Abuse Victims

More Than a Phone is a TCC Gives program that donates smartphones and data service to survivors of domestic violence. Also referred to as intimate partner violence, domestic violence affects more than 12 million people each year. The program’s goal is to help those in need stay connected. Wireless devices have become a near necessity and, when faced with a traumatic life event, the reassurance of being connected can help reduce some stress and provide a lifeline.

More Than a Phone provides non-profits that assist victims and survivors of Domestic Violence with an annual box that includes 40 smart phones that each come with 4 months of data service. TCC provides easy to follow activation instructions so that the phones can be activated when they are needed. After the initial service, survivors can keep the devices and continue to use them on wifi. Cellular service can also be re-activated by them when they are more stable. To date, more than 1500 phones have been donated. So far in 2020, 1600 months of service have been given.


A “ripple effect” of these good works is that TCC employees, customers and supporters of the program have become advocates for speaking out against domestic violence. TCC’s CEO Scott Moorehead is proud of his employees who have fully embraced their “Culture of Good”.

Our employees in the area tour the nonprofit so they can speak to the services offered to their customers and friends. Our employees also offer support with their time and skills. They’ll volunteer at the nonprofit, help plan and host special events, and more. When this program is brought to a new community, it is because those local employees want it there and are ready to be involved in a big way.

The production team at Bayside Entertainment was so impressed with Scott and Julie Moorehead and the incredible efforts of their company TCC. Executive producer Joanie Wynn commented

“Scott and Julie were ideal guests for our first segment of this new video series. You can feel their passion and commitment. They represent the very best of companies that make giving back a priority and we feel honored to feature them”.

Hosted by Ken Bastida, TCC’s segment of “American Companies Give Back” will be shared via You Tube and Facebook on Friday, July 24. New video segments featuring other companies will be released each week thereafter through the first season of 12 episodes. Bayside Entertainment’s Head of Production Steve Wynn added

“These are the stories we love to tell and the whole team is donating their time to this new video series which we hope will uplift and inspire others. “

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